Thursday, July 30, 2009

I cant believe that its almost Aug. Summer has just flown by, but man have we had fun.I used to think life would slow down when the boys got older but it seem just the opposite.Last week Craig took a week off work and directed boys camp at Twin Lakes Friends camp this is his 3rd year. I was in the kitchen all week cooking for 50 hungry boys, Something I look forward to ever year. Cody has been working there all summer (5 camps) so we don't feel like we have seen much of him. And football starts soon, we miss him!!! I cant belive he is going to be in high school. Olivia did great while we were at camp she had her first sleep over with her Friend Gabby and loved it. Then she was off to Grammys to get spoiled for 3 days. She had a ball. She did spend some time with us up at camp, running around telling all 50 of the boys what she wanted. Over the 4th of July we went to Lake Roosevelt with my parents for a week and had a great time. My nephew Marshall joined us. We swam fished and Oliva even went on the tube. Jim, Kim and the kiddos came up on Friday to spend the day, We loved it... we all had a great time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A new play house

What a blessing it is to have great Friends. The Johns family decided that they wanted Olivia to have their play house that their kids had out grown. Olivia thinks it is pretty neat she loves to cook her big brothers salad (grass) in HER house.

A wonderful week

My cousin Chandlle and her family ( husband Jeremy and 2 daughters) drove up from Oklahoma to stay the week with us. We had fun showing them Coeur d'Alene. We went down town picnicked at the city park and walked the board walk and then went for a little swim. My Mom and Dad joined us and we went to Silverwood one day, where we also meet up with some of Craigs family that was in town visiting. The weather was not that great not unusal for June in North Idaho but they even went out on Mom and Dads boat one day. It was great getting to visit with family. We cherish all the time we had with them.

Water Gun Fun

Chandler had his 2 good buddy's over to spend the night and I caught them in Olivia's LITTLE pool refilling their water guns. I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping at Riley Creek

I took Gabe and 3 of his Friends camping for 4 days. JR. HIGH BOY CAMPING!!!! Just Olivia and I and of course Molly were the only girls. We had Fun. The boys rode bikes, swam and made a really cool fort. Dad and Cody joined us the last day. Chandler was on a weeks camping trip with Grammy and Poppy in there new RV. Olivia loved the water and seemed more at ease that we would be going home and not staying for ever. Lots of Summer fun !!!

summer fun

Olivia goes to school

Gabe did a big report on Ethiopia at the end of school and took his little sister in for a live model of Ethiopian traditional clothing. She looked so beautiful AND Gabe got an A+ Having a little sis isn't that bad some times.